Other products of Tart Chomel

1.  Oreo Cheese Cupcakes (16 pcs - RM35)

A cupcake with Oreo biscuit as the base and pumped with a cream cheese on top of it. Finished it by a sprinkle of Oreo Crush and M&Ms

You may choose four types of Oreo biscuits as the base: Normal Oreo, Chocolate Creme, Double Stuff  or Double Delight.

You may also request for a special design like the picture below. Extra charges may be applied depends on item that will be used.

2. Marble Cheese Brownies (RM40 - 10 inch X 10 inch)

A chocolate brownies topped with a cream cheese. You may add additonal ingredients in the brownies such as chocolate chips, marshmallows  or walnuts. As for the cheese topping, u may choose to have it with chocolate, strawberry or blueberry.